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Tenkin Ramen Asahikawa<Soy Sauce>

49.1 SGD

Established in 1952.
The taste of a long-established restaurant in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

Yoshino Honten Asahikawa<Miso>

49.1 SGD

It is characterized by the mild flavor of miso with a spicy kick.

Sumire Ramen<Miso>

49.7 SGD82.8 SGD

Enjoy the Miso Ramen that is synonymous with Sumire.

Oniyama Tail Ramen

49.7 SGD82.8 SGD

A ramen soup with the flavor of beef bones and onions.

Sumire B.Luck Pepper<soy sauce>

49.7 SGD82.8 SGD

A new product series from Sapporo’s famous shop 「Sumire」.
With bamboo shoots.

Sumire Ramen<Soy Sauce>

49.7 SGD82.8 SGD

This soy sauce ramen is made with carefully selected「Tamari Shoyu」.

Santouka Makanai Ramen<Awase Flavor>

49.1 SGD

Fresh noodles are slowly dried for 2 days.
The texture after boiling is just like fresh noodles.

Sumire Ramen<Salt>

49.7 SGD82.8 SGD

Enjoy the salt ramen of Sumire.

Sapporo「Aji no Sanpei」4-meal set

45.9 SGD

「Aji no Sanpei」ramen is the original Sapporo miso ramen.