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    Northern Traditions<Miso>

    2,599 7,200 

    A blend of Hokkaido red and white miso for a well-balanced taste.

    Nishiyama Ramen Premium<2 meals>

    2,145 3,575 

    Nishiyama Seimen proudly offers this medium-thick, curly noodle.


    Hokkaido Sapporo<Miso>


    Features ginger flavor and chunky noodles.

    Sapporo Nishiyama Ramen soup<Miso 1 serving>


    It is the most popular taste in Hokkaido.


    Nishiyama Ramen Thick<Soy Sauce>

    6,403 10,673 

    The strong, matured noodles are a perfect match for the rich soy sauce broth.

    Aged and dried Nishiyama Ramen from Sapporo<4 servings>


    Made from 100% Hokkaido wheat, fresh noodles are dried while aging and then dried again.

    Nishiyama Ramen 12-serving gift from Sapporo


    The noodles, made with 100% Hokkaido wheat, are a perfect match for the rich soup.

    Nishiyama Ramen Den<Miso>

    4,001 13,338 

    Nishiyama Ramen started from a single food stall.
    Born in Sapporo in 1953.