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    Nishiyama Ramen Den<Salt>

    4,001 13,338 

    Enjoy the taste of Nishiyama Ramen's original flavor, the ramen that has fascinated people since its establishment.

    Sapporo specialty Nishiyama LL10-serving cold set


    Cold noodles from Hokkaido!
    Cold noodles are special after all.

    Sapporo Famous Nishiyama LL4-Serving Set


    Miso and soy sauce ramen set.
    Can be stored at room temperature.

    Northern Traditions<Miso>

    2,599 7,200 

    A blend of Hokkaido red and white miso for a well-balanced taste.

    Aged and dried Nishiyama Ramen from Sapporo<6 servings>


    Made from 100% Hokkaido wheat, fresh noodles are dried while aging and then dried again.

    Sumire Special 33 Round Noodles<1serving>

    1,006 1,677 

    Firmly textured「chigere-men」noodles.


    Salt Taste B Soup<2 servings>


    「Sapporo salt」is this soup.


    Sapporo Famous Nishiyama LL20-Serving DX Set


    This deluxe set (miso, soy sauce, salt) comes with menma and Hokkaido corn as toppings. Can be stored at room temperature.